STL High Peak Pedal Set

STL High Peak recently released their first ever pedal sets for the new Jimny. They caught our attention with their simplistic and clean looking design. Thanks to Katy for treating me to the pedals, or did she actually treat the Jimny? Either way, here is how you fit them!

The Jimny is no performance orientated racing car but you’ve got to admit it is fun to drive, so that means it is worthy of a good looking pedal set. STL High Peak have got this spot on. They chose to go with what looks like a simple design, nothing that stands out too much. Even their engraved logo on the throttle pedal is just enough to catch your eye at certain angles, very neat!

As you can see the Clutch and Brake pedals have raised dimples which provides you with more grip when your trainers or flip flops are wet! If you have your racing shoes on then a bit of heel and toe will be easier as the throttle pedal is a little wider than standard, allowing you to find it easier when downshifting.

Manual Transmission Pedal Set

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As mentioned above, this blog is mainly to show you how to fit the pedals for your Jimny. Instead of writing a step by step on the procedure, you can instead watch our video and follow along.

Demonstration of the clutch pedal assembly is not shown as the procedure is the same as the brake pedal. Remember to remove the rubber pads off the Clutch and Brake Pedals but leave the throttle pedal as it is, there is no rubber pad on the throttle pedal!

Watch on YouTube in 4k.

We hope having watched the video you may have been able to understand how to fit these pedals a little easier. The pedals do come with instructions which you can also follow along.

If you are interested in a set of these pedals, wether it’s for a Manual or an Automatic, follow these links: ManualAutomatic

Thank you for reading.

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