Solo camp in the Direct4x4 awning room extension with a wood burning stove

What is it like spending a day and night in an awning room extension with a wood burner? Well let me tell you, it is pretty comfortable and rather warm! Let me explain to you all how I spent my time and how I adapted the awning room to accept a wood burner.

Direct 4×4 Awning Room Extension – Use code ‘JIMNY10’ for 10% off!!
Outbacker Wood Stove
45 Degree Elbows x2
Outbacker 45 Degree Flashing Kit

Let me first take you back to when me and Katy were sat trying to decide what the perfect and most comfortable way to spend a night camping would be. We had an awning which we wanted to adapt into a living area for when the weather turns unfavourable! We spent a few days planning different living arrangements, such as getting a good tent and a couple of awning walls to shelter us from the weather, however after some quick maths and a trip to Direct4x4 we soon realised we were much better off treating ourselves to the awning room extension. We were really impressed with the quality of the room and just how easy it is to set up, so it didn’t require much thinking about.

I decided to pack my bags, dust off the cob webs on the mountain bike and head over to Wales for a night. I must admit it had been a while since I last rode my bike so the idea of going for a nice long ride through the hills of Betws-y-Coed fell short of a few miles! It wasn’t worth stressing over so I turned the ride into a little jolly heading back to the campsite where I could chill out and cook some food.

Prior to setting off for the ride I had actually set up the living quarters so when I came back from what was going to be a long ride I could just relax. Setting up the awning room extension is very simple! Most of us who own an awning will immediately pull our awnings out like its a must do thing, so thats the first step done. The awning room extension uses the ‘Figure 8’ channels in the awning structure to slide into and hold itself in place. I must add that the front of the room has a simpler method than sliding the ‘figure 8’ in every time. There is a separate piece which stays with the awning and instead of the ‘figure 8’, you will find a zip, making set up much quicker! To finish setting the room up, there are a few velcro straps along the edges which you stick around the legs of the awning.

One great feature I love about the awning room is the fact you can do it all yourself! To say how big it is, it’s designed very well! For an idea, the room measures 2m x 2m x 2m (other sizes are available).

Since spotting this awning room extension I could just envision a wood burner in the corner for some warmth during the cold nights. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH FIRE NEAR ANY MATERIALS! Im pretty sure putting a wood burner inside a lovely flammable room is not the best idea, but how many bad ideas do we all get but still go ahead with? too many!

We treated ourselves to the Outbacker Firebox Tent Stove. We’ve never owned a wood burner before so we didn’t really know what to go for, but this one seemed like a good start. The size and weight is a good fit for the Jimny, I do believe you can spend a lot more and get titanium stoves which are lighter, however their price point is mucher higher.

To be able to use the stove in the room, you’ll require the Tent Flashing Kit & two 45 Degree Elbows. I opted for the 45 Degree Elbows over the 90 Degree Elbows to allow the smoke to travel smoother through the flute at the angles. You will need to cut a hole in your awning room to fit the flashing kit. You would set the stove up as normal but you will need to use the two 45 degree elbows to direct the flute through the flashing kit. Below, in the photos you can see the set-up.

The view from outside, you can see the flute exiting the room at 45 degrees.
The view from inside, you can see the flute entering the flashing kit at 45 degrees.

Before setting off on my trip I realised I would need something to reflect the heat away from the awing room so it doesn’t set on fire, so I glued some foil to a thin sheet of wood and fitted two hinges for it to fold in half. This was only temporary and I wouldn’t recommend it. Soon enough I will look into a better solution. Since that trip I did order a welding blanket to use under the stove to protect the floor.

This combination works perfectly well for someone who is solo camping in winter. I personally think there is only enough space for one person to sleep with the stove inside the room. If you had a roof tent to sleep in then this would be perfect for two people. The Direct4x4 awning room does a good job of keeping most of the heat in for a short period of time due to the quality materials used. However, I do stress this room was NOT designed to have a wood burning stove in it so please be careful!

Here is a video of me setting up the awning room and wood stove!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions please get in touch via Instagram where I will be able to reply in minutes!

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