Fitting the IPF Front Bumper Light Mount

So you want somewhere neat and tidy to fit your lights, not keen on them being on the roof? Not sure how to remove the front bumper and worried to cut into it? Well have a read of this write up to get an idea!

Originally the Jimny had lights on the roof, mounted to the roof rack. Nevertheless our camper trailer project is almost complete meaning we don’t really need to be carrying a heavy roof rack on the Jimny at all times, although, this now leaves the Jimny without the lights, so a new place was needed! I had looked at ways of making some brackets to fit the lights to the bumper but in all honesty I lost interest in making the brackets, knowing I could just get the IPF Light Mount.

IPF Front Bumper Light Mount & Rigid 360 Series 4inch

I committed to buying the IPF light mount and thanks to the great service from JimnyStyle the light mount came the next day! It really is amazing when things arrive next day!

IPF Front Bumper Light Mount Boxed

Anyway! You’re here to see the light mount and how to fit it so let’s get to the point!

On first inspection the light mount is really well designed and built. You can tell by looking at it up close that the brackets were designed to be strong. The light mount doesn’t weigh a great deal as IPF kept the weight down by using aluminium where strength wasn’t required. All bolts included are black for a stealth look. I also like the subtle IPF logo on the front, nothing hideous to remind you constantly what brand it is!

A perfectly made bracket is just so satisfying to look at, right?

So the first step to fitting the light mount is to make sure you have these tools or a tool which can do a similar job.
1 – Plastic trim tools (though there weren’t actually used, a flat blade screwdriver was fine)
2. Flat blade screwdriver (should you not have plastic trim tools)
3. Long nose pliers
4. Junior hacksaw
5. Sharp knife
6. 10mm & 12mm Spanners
7. Ratchet
8. Medium extension
9. 10mm & 12mm Sockets
10. 4mm & 5mm Allen keys
11. 150mm rule
12. Scribe
13. Pen
14. Magnetic tray (or Plastic tub)
15. 600mm rule
16. Masking tape

Start by having your Jimny parked somewhere you can spend 2 hours working on it and then open your bonnet to gain access to some clips and your indicator wiring.

Start by removing the grill. They are a nightmare to remove as sometimes you feel like you need another Jimny to rip it off. Be careful but also don’t be afraid to give it a good pull as the grill is held on with a lot of strong clips! There are two clips to remove from inside the engine bay and also whilst in the engine bay, unplug the indicators. There are also two clips at the bottom of the grill which unluckily for me I snapped one a while back and removed the second one because like mentioned, the grill is held on really well!

Two clips inside the engine bay and two clips under the grill
Two clips inside the engine bay, pull the smaller circular bit up and the clip will come out.
Two clips under the grill, like mentioned, one snapped and the other was removed due to there being so many clips holding the grill on, it’s a bit overkill.
Unplug the indicators

Now you have removed the clips and unplugged the indicators, give the grill a good pull. Working your way from the middle full the grill off working towards one side at a time, it will require some force but it will come off. Once the grill is off you will see the radiator shroud behind it which needs removing. It’s very easy to remove, 7 clips to take out and then the shroud just comes out.

7 clips to take out and then the shroud just pulls out.

Once you have removed the shroud, it’s time to remove the bumper, which is also pretty easily done. Under the shroud there are 4 clips. There are 2 clips and 2 bolts in each wheel arch and also 3 bolts under the bumper. Remove all clips and bolts and then it’ll be a matter of giving the bumper a small tug on each side. Be careful pulling away the bumper as you need to disconnect the fog lights.

4 clips under the radiator shroud to remove
Two clips and 2 bolts to remove, in both wheel arches
3 bolts underneath the bumper to remove
Now give the bumper a small tug on each side as there a couple of clips now holding the bumper on, be careful pulling too hard as you need to disconnect the fog lights
Disconnect the fog lights, if your plugs look as dirty as these then this will be a pretty hard and annoying task, probably the hardest task of this whole job!
You need to be looking to push the tab back to allow the locking feature to release, like mentioned, this one was caked in mud so it was really stubborn and the hardest part of the entire job!

Once you have removed all of the above you should end up with a Jimny looking like this!

Okay maybe not this dirty!!
Okay that’s better! Give your Jimny a little clean to make your life so much easier, working with something dirty can be a nightmare

After giving your Jimny a quick clean should it need it, you can start fitting the IPF Light Mount. You may find it easier if you also remove the bottom radiator shroud or you can struggle and not remove it, but for the sake of 5 more clips, just remove it! There is also just one more clip holding a cable in place which needs to be removed to allow the bracket to be fitted and the clip can be pushed back in straight after.

5 clips to remove
This one clip needs removing to slightly move the cable out of the way to allow the bracket to be seated

Now go unpack your shiny new mount as it’s time to fit! Sort out all the bolts into 3 groups as there are 3 different sizes/combinations.

Start by fitting both brackets into position and loosely fitting the bolts. Don’t tighten the bolts holding the bracket on, until you have fitted the bar which connects both brackets together.

Using the supplied instructions, cross reference the numbers in the photo to the corresponding numbers in the instructions to fit the bolts in the correct place.

Using bolts 5 (8 of M5x10) attach the bar to the brackets.
Using bolts 4 & nuts 7 (2 of M6x12 Bolts & 2 of M6 Nuts) attach the brackets to the Jimny.
Using bolts 3 & nuts 6 (2 of M8x20 Bolts & 2 of M8 Nuts) attach the bracket to the Jimny.

The nuts go inside the small cut outs, this is fiddly so take your time and be steady.

Once all the bolts are in place loosely, first tighten the smallest bolts holding the bar to the brackets, followed by tightening bolts ‘4’ and finally tightening the biggest bolts ‘3’.

Now your IPF Mount is fully fitted it’s time to reassemble the Jimny, but first it’s cutting time!

You will need to cut a bit of the bumper to clear the brackets.

Using some masking tape, stick a few pieces onto the bumper in the places shown below.

Find the middle of the bumper and mark it as your datum point. Next measure 230mm each way marking your next datum point, the two new points you have marked should be 460mm apart.

Once you have your two new datum points you now need to mark 25mm each way to create a 50mm gap on both sides like shown in the photo.

Cut the marked lines with your Junior hacksaw until you reach the line which runs across the entire bumper. Following that same line use a rule and a sharp knife to make a few cuts until you are able to bend the plastic back and break it off.

Your finished cut should look like the one below.

Once you have cut out the two notches to clear the brackets you can refit the bumper following the same steps as above but in reverse. Don’t forget to plug your fog lights back in!!

Once the bumper is fitted you will need to do a few cuts in the radiator shroud to clear the brackets. Unfortunately the instructions provided don’t give you any help with marking out the radiator shroud so you will have to just make it up!

However try and follow these tips, if you need more help drop us a message on Instagram where we can respond quicker.

With any planning or design always use an obvious location as a datum point!!

To be able to cut this notch out, the hole for the clip was used as a datum point. By measuring the distance from this hole to the start and finish of the bracket in both x and y axis you can then scribe these measurements onto the radiator shroud to then cut it out.

Again using a Junior hacksaw to cut into the shroud and the sharp knife and rule to cut the last line between the two cuts you’ve made with the Junior hacksaw.

As you can see the first attempt didn’t go to well, the notch wasn’t deep enough but there is nothing wrong with a bit of trial and error, making lots of smaller cuts is better than making one massive cut!

Second attempt was more successful, repeating the same process with more accuracy.

If this seems too difficult to do, then you might be okay to skip these cut outs and not fit the shroud. However you won’t see these cuts once the grill is fitted so don’t be afraid! Give it a go as it is always good to have a go and learn from your mistakes! Everything is replaceable!

Once you have refitted the shroud, you can then proceed to refitting the grill and plugging in your indicators.

When your done, give the front of the Jimny a rinse, stand back and look at what you accomplished!

Ta Da!

Thank you all for reading, hopefully this guide has helped and inspired you to just have a go at doing this yourself. It’s great to develop new skills and just have a go at doing things yourself. Should you need more help or clarity then message us on Instagram as we reply quicker on their, we are still new to this website!

DISCLAIMER: Links to Amazon are affiliated therefore we will get a very small commission on any purchase made through the links, this will help us bring more content to you all!

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