First outing with the self built Camper Trailer! Including Cooking and Photography Hike

Finally after a very long lockdown we were able to get back out and use our self built camper trailer for the first time. We were also able to finally go for a gentle hike and enjoy some delicious food at the quiet North Lees Campsite.

Having almost built our trailer a year ago, we were unable to put it to use due to covid restrictions. With the restrictions now lifted we could finally put the trailer to use and give it an initial test. We decided to stay closer to home instead of venturing further away just incase we came across any serious issues… such as a wheel flying off. We chose a quiet campsite to suit our style and also went for a pootle into the countryside to take a desired photo we had in mind.

If reading isn’t your style then you can watch the video about our trip:

The Chosen Campsite

We chose to go to North Lees Campsite. It is one of the closest campsites to Bamford Edge which was our goal to walk too. This campsite suits our style as it is a relatively small, quiet and also has very basic facilities; such as:

  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Washing station
  • Free access to drinking water

One small added feature that we liked about this campsite was the little stream that flowed through it; perfect for a good nights sleep. One thing to bare in mind however, is that you can not drive your car onto the main campsite pitches, only onto the lower smaller grassy area in front of the reception.

Birley Lane, Hathersage, Hope Valley S32 1DY


The Camper Trailer

With this trip being the first time our self built camper trailer is being used, we were bound to come across a few little issues. Also, it would be fair to mention that this isn’t the fully finished article; we were too keen to get out and use it. The trailer towed that well that most of the time we didn’t even know it was there however, we still had the following issues:

  1. The biggest issue we had was the levelling legs were not up to the task. In the design stage the trailer was always parked on completely level ground therefore the levelling legs were made to suit one height. When we tried to park the trailer at the campsite for the night we really struggled to level the trailer as the ground was slightly uneven. To fix this issue we will drill more location holes in the legs to allow for more adjustability.
  2. Another issue we had was the modification we made to our ladder. We bought a telescopic ladder to replace the original ladder. we had to alter the brackets but we also wanted the ladder to be quick release. So we made up some brackets and used quick release pins, which were unfortunately too short and kept falling out. Our quick fix involved a hammer, the proper fix will involve new brackets.
  3. Our water container decided to leak. Our container has a built in tap in the main cap. The container is designed to sit upright, though because of our portable power supply it now has to sit on its side causing it to leak. A quick fix would be to change the cap to one without a tap or buy a container to suit the location.
  4. A little improvement we will make for the sake of convenience is swapping out the normal screws in our heat shield with thumb screws. This will eliminate the need for tools.

As time goes on and the more we use the trailer we will be able to iron out more issues and hopefully have a trailer which will be perfect for our needs.

Camping Food – One Pot Pasta

We always cook a hearty meal whilst camping and for this trip it was no different. It is so nice to sit down and have a bowl full of warm freshly cooked food and we try to keep it fairly simple. We currently use the Cadac Mighty 2 Stove which we have found to be easy to use, simple to clean, put together and has two hobs which is perfect for our style of cooking.


  • Fussili Pasta
  • Bacon
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Mozzarella
  • Double Cream
  • Tomato Purée
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Boil the pasta in one pot. Fry the Bacon in a medium frying pan, once cooked tear into chunks. Add the Bacon, double cream, tomato purée into the pot with the Fussili Pasta. Stir until combined and add the Cherry Tomatoes to warm them up. Add salt and pepper to season and dish up. Finally add the chopped up Mozzarella chunks on top and enjoy!

Photography Hike To Bamford Edge

As we really enjoy going for a hike to explore new places and to take photos of the landscape, we used this first outing in such a long time to do exactly what we enjoy the most. The following day after a bit of a rough nights sleep we set off from the campsite and headed towards Bamford Edge.

From the campsite we followed the main roads up towards Stanage Edge as we initially wanted to also traverse across Stanage. Though as we got closer we decided to cut the hike shorter and only go to Bamford Edge. We kept following the main roads towards Bamford Edge until we got to the very short climb which would get up to the top of Bamford. We met a friend of ours who we sat down with and had a bite to eat before our hike back. We followed a few roads back the same way though this time taking a different turn which lead us through a lovely wood area around the back of our campsite.

We have uploaded the route we did to ViewRanger so you too are able to follow it. Find it here.

Before following this route make sure you understand how to read maps and how to navigate using other methods incase you get lost.

Thank you for reading!

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