First Outing With Our High Peak J-01 Wheels, Including Outdoor Cooking & An Evening Hike For A Sunset Shot!

Having got back into the groove of being able to go out exploring we decided to go for a day trip back to Bamford Edge. We set out on this trip with one intention, to capture a sunset shot from the top of Bamford Edge! We also tried out a small off-road lane to give the new wheels and tyres a try with also a short stop for some freshly cooked food to prepare us for the hike! 

Having been to Bamford Edge previously we knew the route was not too difficult and we thought this would be a great way for us to try out an evening hike to capture a sunset photograph. Katy had her eye on a few sunset photos on Instagram and we knew we wanted to replicate this ourselves so we set off on a day trip to do just that. 

If reading isn’t quite your style then you can watch a video of our trip instead:

Latest Video Demonstrating Our New Retro Look, Offroading & Hike.

The Off-road Track

We chose to head to Houndkirk Road to go and try out the new High Peak J-01 Wheels and Geolander Tyres that we recently had fitted at JimnyStyle. If you want to know more about our wheels and tyres then read this blog. The lane was a relatively easy track to try out on our own and the Jimny did this with ease. The new wheels and tyres were much better for on road driving which we will be doing a lot more of, however they still are perfectly sufficient for us on UK off-road lanes and can handle both terrains well. If you want to see this in action then check out the video above. Time Stamp 0.00 – 4.10.

Beginning of the lane Location: Houndkirk Road

What3Words: safety.rift.delay

Day Trip Meal – Chicken Stir Fry With Rice Noodles 

We used our CampinGaz R 907 Gas Bottle & Campingaz Super Carena Single Burner Stove which is great for day trips. It is very easy to use, portable and more of a stripped back way of cooking for simpler trips. It is also perfect for making one pot meals but more complex meals can be done using it too. The only pet peeve we have is that you are better off using bigger pans on the stove as they sit more securely on top. 


  • Carrot
  • Red Pepper
  • Green Pepper
  • Courgette
  • Chicken
  • Rice Noodles
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Soy Sauce

Cut up all of the vegetables into equal strips. Fry the chicken in a medium frying pan and season with salt pepper and soy sauce. Once cooked put to one side and boil the vegetables in a pan, when they are nearly cooked add the rice noodles in to boil too. They should only take a few minutes to cook. Once cooked completely drain the water and add in the chicken. Add extra soy sauce and seasoning as required and enjoy! 

Chicken, Rice Noodle & Veggie Stir Fry!

Sunset Photography Hike Up Bamford Edge

We had never been on a hike in the evening before especially to capture a sunset, so we was quite nervous about having to hike back in the dark. However, we had come prepared with our head torches and chose to hike up Bamford edge as it was a familiar route to us. The walk is about a 2 mile round trip and you can park at the bottom.

Car parking Location: 

What3words: combining.gratitude.headache

Grid Reference: SK 21533 83950

X (Easting) , Y (Northing) 421533 , 383950

Grid Reference Finder:

This link will take you to the Grid Reference Finder website. This is a great tool to use to try and find certain locations, grid references or coordinates, the file can also be exported into many formats. You can use any of the above formats on the website to see where we parked. 

We raced up to the top of Bamford quicker than we ever had before as we could see the sun getting lower and lower in the sky! The terrain at Bamford can change when it’s sunny it can be dry and slightly Sandy but when rainy it can be muddier. It is very rocky at the top so wearing sensible shoes is advised. The views were amazing and well worth the hike up, we would recommend it as an easy route to do for some great views.

Sunset Shot From The Top Of Bamford Edge!

We headed back down and to our surprise it wasn’t as dark as we thought it would be. This hike has definitely taught us that once the sun has set you don’t need to rush back and that we can enjoy the views for longer. If you would like to get to Bamford then the route below is the one that we followed. However, the route is quite clearly marked out already from all the foot traffic it receives so common sense and a map for back up is enough for this short route. Always take into account the weather and your safety on any walk and do your own research beforehand so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Route We Followed to Bamford Edge.

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