First modification carried out on the Suzuki Jimny

We love to listen to music everywhere we go and because we spend a lot of time in the Jimny travelling, poor speakers just wouldn’t cut it! So that was the first thing that had to be modified.

The Suzuki speaker upgrade kit didn’t quite look appealing in my opinion as things just have to fit as accurately as possible! So as usual a custom modification was required, which actually works out cheaper and looks a lot neater.

The approach for the speaker upgrade was simple, improve the sound but also maintain the best fitment.

With previous experience of upgrading sound systems, it was mandatory to fit tweeters as well as crossovers to correctly control the sound output.

The Suzuki door speakers are 4inch in diameter, so using the InPhase XTC4CX should be a great little upgrade from the original speakers.

The need for tweeters was required to remove the vocals from the main speakers and with a higher placement of the tweeters they can provide a good balance of sound. A crossover is required to do this, the crossover splits the low and high frequencies.

So to begin with, the original speakers were removed from the doors and ripped apart…

… the reason they were ripped apart was to reuse the plastic ring as they are really well made and they create a really good seal against the door card to output the sound directly into the cabin, which is important as you don’t want sound leaking into the door card.

The new InPhase speakers were literally a perfect fit into the old plastic speaker rings…

… all that was required was that the 4 mounting tabs to be cut off. Using two part epoxy glue, the speaker was glued in very well. 7 months later the glue is still holding well.

As you can see below, the speaker fits perfectly. It almost looks like an original speaker provided from factory.

Moving onto the tweeters which were much easier to fit compared to the speakers above. Using masking tape, the location for the tweeter was marked out for an accurate fit to both doors. A hole was cut using a hole saw and then using the same two part epoxy glue, the tweeter was securely glued in place.

Again, like the main speaker unit itself, the aim was for a neat looking placement.

The crossover is bolted to the kick panels in the footwells where it is easy to get to. Experiments were carried out using 3 way and 2 way crossovers to try and split the frequencies up the best, reason being is because there are also two Kenwood KSC-SW11 subwoofers, one under each seat.

InPhase Crossover Suzuki Jimny

So what worked best?
The 2 way crossover was connected to the ‘front’ speaker outputs of the head unit. The upgraded speakers and additional tweeters are connected to the 2 way crossover to split the frequencies between the two.
Each subwoofer under the seats are connected in stereo using the ‘rear speaker’ outputs of the head unit.

To summarise, the upgrade was worth the time and effort. With the additional tweeters and subwoofers, music can now be split into the correct speaker to produce a clearer sound which makes us both happy as we can now enjoy the music whilst travelling a lot more!

Please leave a comment if you need to know any specifics, happy to help.

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