Entire Sound System Upgrade in our Suzuki Jimny JB74! (Inc. Audio Sample!)

We are massive music lovers and we can not go on a road trip without music, especially good quality sound!

We experimented with many different solutions until we finally worked out what worked best but at the same time we didn’t want to break the bank by getting too carried away. So here’s what we did!

(This is a rough guide to give you an idea of what you could do rather than it being a step by step instruction page)

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First modification carried out on the Suzuki Jimny

Inphase Speakers Suzuki Jimny

We love to listen to music everywhere we go and because we spend a lot of time in the Jimny travelling, poor speakers just wouldn’t cut it! So that was the first thing that had to be modified.

The Suzuki speaker upgrade kit didn’t quite look appealing in my opinion as things just have to fit as accurately as possible! So as usual a custom modification was required, which actually works out cheaper and looks a lot neater.

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