A retro twist in style for our Jimny

As you have noticed we have switched our wheels and tyres for a smaller and lighter setup. Also completely changing the graphics and front grille for a more retro look that we had considered for a while.

The New Look

As we knew that we would eventually change our wheels and tyres to a smaller setup and that we also had our eyes glued to the High Peak J-01 alloys, we decided to peel off all the black pin stripe tape from the Jimny and revisit some new additions we had in mind, such as a new front grille.

The new retro look came together by using the following:
High Peak J-01 Wheels
Front Retro Grille
Suzuki Vintage Emblem
– Retro Decal (Bought from AliExpress, though not recommended, more on that later)
– Refitting the original amber indicators

Retro Grille and Vintage Emblem

Changing the Front Grille was something that we had considered a long time ago. However, this time round there wasn’t much thought needed as it was necessary to complete the retro look. We chose the Retro Grille from JimnyStyle as it seemed to be a good option and they have been using it on their Jimny for quite a while now. When ordering from JimnyStyle you have the option to also choose the Suzuki Vintage Emblem to go with the Retro Grille which really looks the part when put together.
Though we chose to cut a piece of black plastic out so that the emblem had a bit of background to contrast against. (The grille comes without any emblems as standard)

Retro Grille Before Fitting

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Retro Decal

With a lot of back and forth on what new design to go with and lots of instagram stalking we eventually settled on the decal we now have. Finding where to buy it seemed tricky, all most impossible to be fair! Luckily we found it on AliExpress for a bargain of a price boasting a free 10 day delivery! It all sounded too good to be true but we bit the bullet and placed an order!

It actually came as promised in 10 days, from China to the UK! The decal came in one piece, not damaged, which was a great start. It did arrive rolled up quite tightly in a cardboard tube so we did leave it in a warm bedroom for a few days to straighten out as much as possible.

Applying the decal seemed pretty straight forward having applied some decals before on previous cars. Though it didn’t go very smoothly. The transfer sheet was a little too cheaply made and didn’t allow much movement and flex around tight places such as the door handles. A few lines on the decal were longer than others so they would hang off the edge of the body work so trimming was required. The decal was not pre cut around the fuel filler which required a very steady hand to do some cutting.

Applying the decal

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As you can see in the photos above, the transfer sheet did not like flexing around the door handle so it required a bit of trimming and adjusting after the decal had been stuck on.

Also it needed trimming around the fuel cap as the decal did not come pre cut for this section of the car. This requires a very steady hand and lots and lots of patience!

Wheels & Tyres

The wheel and tyre size is something that had been playing on our minds for quite some time. Especially because we knew we would soon start towing our camper trailer as it was coming to the end of the build. We still stand by our thoughts with regards to the larger setup from our previous blog however we had enough of the larger setup as we wanted to restore a bit of power back into the Jimny for towing. Also the thought of how much stress we would be putting through the drivetrain with the mileage we do started to make us wonder if the bigger setup was really that necessary for us.

We bought this new Jimny primarily for road trips, off roading wasn’t even going through our minds at the time. We soon found ourselves going off road more than we ever thought we would so the larger wheels and tyres provided good grip and better axle clearance. However, now with restrictions lifting in the UK we are a lot more free to go out and explore more, meaning we will spend a lot more time on the road carrying or towing camping equipment where the larger wheels and tyres will become unnecessary.

What Wheels and Tyres did we choose?
Wheels: High Peak J-01 16×6.0J -5ET
Tyres: Yokohama Geolander G015 A/T 215/70R16

Why did we choose the High Peak J-01 Alloys?
Back when STL High Peak launched their own J-01 Alloys, Denis instantly fell in love with the retro design but more importantly the Vintage White colour as Denis is a sucker for White wheels! Now you could say that is kind of the only reason, but there are a few more small factors which played their part in the decision especially after talking to JimnyStyle. The J-01 Alloys have been designed with only the Jimny in mind so that they could be the perfect upgrade choice. They have also put the effort in to make sure these alloys would pass the TÜV Approval, making this a great option for the European Market. These alloys are also manufactured in the same factory that produce the Jimny SZ5 Alloys so you are guaranteed these will be made with good standards.

Why did we choose the Yokohama Geolander G015 Tyres?
Because Toyo was out of stock of the Open Country A/T at the time, is the main reason. Second reason is because we have used this tyre before on our older model Jimny and could not fault them at all. They are also great value for money in our eyes so to us it seemed a sensible choice for our driving style.
We chose to go with 215/70R16 as this was the recommended option that JimnyStyle suggests, which we would also recommend too if your looking to spend a lot more time on the road than off road. (Bare in mind, this is the tyre size to comply with TÜV Approval)
We currently run our tyres at 29psi as the G015 tyres feel quite soft so adding 3 more psi seems to make the Jimny handle really well on country roads.

We will go into a lot more detail in an upcoming blog about some more factors that persuaded our decision on the new setup.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog 🙂

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  1. All brilliant design choice guys. Retro styling on the white Jimny is an absolute win. You won’t see many cars on the road looking as cool as that. Nice one!

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