1 Jimny 6 Wranglers Exploring The Lake District

Once again, the Jimny is lost in the middle of a group of Wranglers! However, this time there is 6 of them and we are heading to a lovely part of the Lake District to explore some amazing views and to chill around campfires.

Myself and Katy were invited once again to join a group of Jeeps which were heading out on a trip to the Lake District, specifically Grizedale. The plan was to explore some really scenic lanes with great views and to also spend two nights camping.

But first It would be worth shouting out the people we went with:
Massive thanks to Chris, the person behind all the research of the lanes we completed.
Tony & Aneta (MJUK) who will have a video coming out of the trip.
Simon & Claire who came in separate Jeeps and also towed a really cool trailer!
Alex who provided a very tasty BBQ, I’ll be making sure you come along again!
Jack who owns a really cool looking JK!
and finally Dan who joined us on the last day as he is a local to the area.

As we all came from different cities, we decided to meet at a set location that would favour everyone so that we could all travel together for part of the journey. We all met at a service station suitable for one another, had a chat and a catchup then headed on our way in convoy to the Lakes. We arrived at Grizedale Campsite on the 12th of July in the late afternoon. The campsite was simple, located on a farm with tidy and basic facilities that were only a short walk away from camp. We set up camp that afternoon to spend our first night chilling and talking, getting ourselves ready for a day of exploring the following day.

Everyone busy cooking away, other than Chris with his ready meal!!

It was interesting to see how we all had different styles of cooking, from a spit roast, to cooking from scratch, to simple ready meals! With this trip in mind I knew I really wanted to build something in the back of the Jimny again, so that we would be able to access anything we needed whenever we needed it. We also wanted to be able to cook out the back of the Jimny. This evening Katy made the pair of us a lovely meal, Chicken and Rice mixed with soy sauce topped with peppers and spinach. What she made was great, however sometimes you can’t beat some meat which has been spit roasted above some coals! Alex, you are a legend for bringing along your 12v spit roasting rig! I will make sure you bring that every time!

Chilling around the campfire – Photo taken by MJUK

It was also interesting to see the vast differences in sleeping arrangements that we all had. The roof top tents are certainly the way forward, seeing how quick and easy they were to set up. We opted to use our two man tent for this trip as we wanted to be able to set up our sleeping arrangement and leave it behind when we went out on the lanes. We were also worried of it being a bit cold during the night and with experience of sleeping in the awning room I was aware how cold they can be at times. If we used our awning room which is really comfortable and spacious, it would have taken longer to put it all away in the morning before we headed out to do the lanes and more of a faff to set it back up when we got back from the lanes. Arguably, you could detach the awning room from the awning and let if fall down on the floor for you to be able to drive away but with English weather being predictably rainy and wet we didn’t fancy coming back to a wet room that we would later have to sleep in.

Soon after we had all finished our meals and tidied up Tony and Aneta treated us to some Polish Vodka! Specifically, Soplica. It was Halzenut flavour and delicious, which went down a treat before we all huddled around the campfire. Sitting around the fire we briefly spoke about the next day and what was ahead of us, which lanes we would take and what to expect. Campfire stories were shared amongst us all and plenty of chatting about our 4x4s. Time flew by and we was all ready to hit the sack, we all got into our sleeping set-ups for a lovely night of rest… more like listening to the rain, which one person quickly realised in the morning, oh dear!

The following morning we were up bright and early, or maybe I shouldn’t say bright as the rain did not stop all night and carried on for a short period of time in the morning. We had to be up and ready for 10am because our super organised leader, Chris, ordered us to be ready to leave not a minute later! With the rain giving us a hard time in the morning, we managed to pack most our stuff away and leave a few bits behind under Simon’s camper trailer. We didn’t spend too much time around the camp in the morning due to us all being keen to get out and do some lanes.

Rainy forest drive, photo taken by Simon.

As we began the first few lanes it continued to rain. It didn’t bring any difficulties other than wet feet! I got out to take some photos but I stood right into soft ground and ended up with wet feet for the rest of the day, I tried to dry them by having the heat and fans on full blast in the car which did work but we also roasted to death for the rest of the day too! It didn’t take long before we got back out into the open, where things started to get a lot more interesting…

One of the most interesting places we got to on the lane is shown in the above photo. We took it in turns to descend the section with a few of the Jeeps also turning around and having a go at climbing up the slippery rocks. A few Jeeps later and it was finally the Jimnys’ turn… I was personally nervous and really didn’t want to do any damage to the Jimny. Thanks to Chris’s peer pressure I slowly edged towards the slippery decline and decided I would give it a go!

It was steep, wet and SCARY! but fun! Photo taken by Simon.

As we approached the decline, Alex decided he would give us some much needed guidance and spot us down. He did a fantastic job of guiding us down, in the photo above you can see him adding a few smaller rocks in certain places just to aid the little Jimny as it didn’t have the clearance like the bigger Wranglers. It is also worth mentioning that in that photo we were almost looking straight down at the ground and it felt very strange! It really is worth listening to your spotter and taking in everything that they say, because you certainly can’t see where your front wheels are headed. It’s also times like this that the Jimny really surprises me with how capable it is and how incredibly fun it can be!

New baby Jeep spotted with its big brothers! Photo taken by Simon.

When I mentioned Chris being our organised leader, I was being serious… He planned for us to stop here with a lovely view of the lake and also a little cafe that served us hot drinks and food to keep us going for more lanes that Chris had in mind. We were able to all park up in a convoy and some of us took the opportunity to look around each others rigs, because come on, you can never get enough of studying someone else’s set up, right? Anyway moving swiftly onto some more amazing views!

Amazing views near Coniston, Little Langdale. Photo taken by Simon.

After our short dinner break we made our way to the next set of trails. Some of the lanes we completed had spectacular panaramic views but it also was extreamly scratchy! Which i’m sure Tony & Aneta could tell you all about as they hate scratchy lanes. Fortunately for the little Jimny it was fine, even more so when we had to cross some narrow bridges. Jack for sure had to really breathe in to fit through as well as all the other Jeeps.

The mighty rigs at the top of the hill – Photo taken by MJUK

As the evening came closer we reached a hill which had a really nice single track road leading us to the top. We all pulled over to decide what we would do next as some of us, including ourselves wanted to eat as we were starving! Ourselves, Alex and Jack decided to head back whilst the others wanted to do one more off road lane.

We arrived back to camp after what seemed like a pretty long drive. We partially set up camp and as we were so hungry and tired we really fancied going to a local pub for food, but not long after when the rest of the team arrived, they convinced us to stay and get cooking seeing as that’s partly what camping is all about. Knocking up a tasty feast at camp.

Katy cooked us (Me & herself) another lovely dish which consisted of; Pasta, Salmon, Cream and Spinach. It went down a treat, having a lovely warm meal after you have been out all day really does feel great! As we were so hungry we soon demolished the food so we cleaned up and made sure we were ready to relax around the fire once it was going. We finished off the evening by us all gathering around the fire and relaxing for the rest of the evening.

Amazing sky in this photo which Simon caught at the perfect time!

The following morning after a better nights sleep we woke up to finally no rain. Man does it make life so much easier when you don’t have rain falling on you everywhere you go! That morning we had one more overlander join us. Dan is a local to the area so he met us at the campsite and joined us for a bit of exploring. He drives a neat looking Land Rover Discovery.

Splash! Photo taken by Simon.

One of the first lanes that we did that day included 2 short but fun water crossings. The first water crossing we was a bit disappointed with as it was very shallow however, we soon changed our tune when we saw the second and much deeper water crossing that was ahead. We was near the back of the convoy and it was intimidating seeing the Wranglers head into the water and disappear into it! Water crossings are always fun but you really do have to make sure you know what your doing, so always send someone else in first! Jokes aside, Chris who led the way had already looked into this crossing and was aware that we would need to stay away form the far right side as there was a dip. Maintaining a steady constant speed through the water was crucial and we made it through easily.

Parkamoor, Lake District. Photo taken by Simon.

Soon after the water crossing we headed towards a really great off road track, known as Parkamoor. It is a great track as the views are spectacular and the route itself is a nice drive with a few challenging bits. This track was recently resurfaced so that all the challenging sections no longer exist. However, we still enjoyed this trail but it wasn’t the most challenging trail of the trip. The track itself is quite long but well worth it and at the top is a great view of Coniston Water. Check out the view below!

Coniston Water, Lake District. Photo taken by Simon.

We arrived at the top of the hill where we parked up and decided to have a short break and a bite to eat. We spent some time having a natter and admiring the view with plenty of camera shutters clicking away.

Alex, Jack and Chris had a long drive ahead of them so they didn’t stop for too long. We followed suit not too long after them as we also had to head home but wanted to have a good feed before we set off. The rest of the group were lucky enough to actually stay another night so it was from this point on the group split up for this weekends trip and went their separate ways.

Thank you all for a great weekend! We’ll for sure have to resume our adventures again somewhere else in the UK!

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Lost Jimny in between many Wranglers – Photo taken by MJUK

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